Concert at The Gathering confirmed!

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE will play at this years The Gathering in Norway on saturday the 10th of april. Be there!

Action Shots Competition

We have a winner...

Back In Time Live

UPDATE: This may very well be the LAST BIT EVER! You don't want to miss this -- get your tickets now. We'll be there - will you?

We cannot sell downloadable ISO-images anyway

Due to restrictive copyright laws we cannot offer to sell our CD as a downloadable ISO-image,even though many of you would have liked to as seen in our latest poll. If it everbecomes possible we will look into this issue again.

PPOT T-shirts available in Denmark!

In Danish as we only handle Danish customers as for now: Vi sælger resten af vores tshirts, som tidligere har været til salg til vores koncerter i England og i KB-hallen. Se denne side for yderligere information omkring tshirts.

250,000 front page views!

We have actually had a quarter of a million views on the front page of our web page. Isn't that just fantastic? :)

The PRESS PLAY ON TAPE Advent Calender 2005

Following the (at least Danish) tradition of giving presents on each Sunday in Advent, we'll release a surprise on each of the four Sundays of Advent.
1st Sunday - Warhawk LIVE! From our warm-up concerts for Mew, here is a LIVE version of Warhawk. This is straight from the mixing console, but we feel it has a good LIVE feel nevertheless. Enjoy :) Download
2nd Sunday - Combat School jingle In 2002 we made a jingle for a magazine's jingle competition (!). So we came up with this, but they never used it, though. It's a cover of Galway's Combat School with Ben Daglish introducing us (from BIT2002 in London) and a snippet from a well-known arcade game as well. Download
3rd Sunday - Monkey Island video! It's been while since we released any video material so here goes: This is a live version of Monkey Island from BIT2004. We hope you enjoy this---it's one of our favourite tunes :) Download (25MB, DivX)
4th Sunday - Cannon Fodder video! The fourth treat is the video recorded at CRC2005 of us and Jon Hare playing the theme Jon composed for Cannon Fodder. We play the song on game controllers! You can read more about the setup here. Download (24 MB, DivX).

Copenhagen Retro Concert 2005

The event is over and boy was it fun! Go here to see pictures, set lists and and and...
UPDATE: In agreement with the performers the remaining money (after all bills was paid) has been donated to the earthquake victims in Pakistan.
UPDATE: Ras Bolding from Danish online magazine Geiger has made an English translation of his report of the event.
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