If you want a hires version of the HOME COMPUTER cover, you can get that in the press section.

HOME COMPUTER is now available on iTunes

This means that you can also listen to previews on each of the tracks...

Note: The initial price was set too high, but has now been corrected. It appears that the price system that Apple offers is based on a large variety of parameters, including the number of songs, length, size of booklet, all fed into this black voodoo magic box that then posts a price on iTunes.

Home Computer - PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

Preview available at SlayRadio.org

Want to have a exclusive listen to one of the tunes from HOME COMPUTER? "Winter Games (Hot Dog)" was 'aired' on SlayRadio's show Anorak. You can get the whole show here. It's at 1:44:15.

Want to buy HOME COMPUTER ?

The album is available internationally at these places:

...and our next album is named...


See more info about the double album including the tracklist here.

News about our upcoming album...

You can read more about our upcoming album and concert here...

Tickets available for May 12th

You can now get tickets for our exciting concert May 12th... Get them here!

PPOT on national tv

We did not get much of a warning but were phoned by mid day asking us to appear on Tv2's Godaften Danmark program in order to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the C64. Hope you got our heads up on Facebook so you got to watch it?
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