PPOT on The Rock 2009

CONCERT MOVED to March 21st 2009!! Be sure to get your tickets. We are going to throw another concert at The Rock! Be there or be []... :) more

Back from GameCity 2008

We're back after a quick trip to the U.K. We played once again at the GameCity festival in Nottingham. But we forgot our camera - so if any of you have photos of us playing, please send us some :)

500,000 people served

Might not be a big deal to you but it is a huge thing for us: After we started counting the front page here has been viewed more than 500,000 times! :)

PPOT at Roskilde Festival 2009?

We had a blast at Roskilde Festival this summer and so had the audience! Roskilde Festival is asking for band requests this October month out so if you want us to play again go ahead (no longer valid) and wish for PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, your favorite Commodore 64 revival band! We have some pictures and a couple of videos from last concert.

Concert in the UK on November 1st

It's been a while since we played in the UK but on Saturday November 1st we'll be headlining the closing party for this year's Game City festival in Nottingham. It is a public event so don't miss this chance for a unique game music concert :) Tickets can be bought online at the website -- you can buy either a three-day or one-day pass (for Saturday). Spread the word! We hope to see a lot of PPOT fans there.

Back from JavaZone08

Sept. 17th we went to Oslo and played a concert at Oslo Spektrum, a large stadium. The event was JavaZone, a huge java convention for developers. A good opportunity to show them our real-time sample trigger software written in java that makes it possible for us to control sound with more than 8 different game controllers. Pictures might pop up at some time - read more. :)

Semester Party '08

We are back from the annual Semester Party at the University of Copenhagen - our fourth concert there, actually. A huge thank you must go to the audience and Per Vers who joined in on Karl Koder. A couple of videos are already in and pictures will be added soon. Go there.

Java Compiler for Controller Show

The software we use live when we play on game controllers is written in Java whose real time performance turned out to be below par. In order to improve this Excelsior has been so kind to sponsor a license to their compiler Excelsior Jet. This compiler transforms a Java program to native code with a significant performance boost along with no Java Runtime Environment dependence. We thank Excelsior for the sponsorship.
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