Merry christmas

Merry christmas and wishes for a great 2008 to all of you from all of PRESS PLAY ON TAPE. We hope you cashed in on presents too :-)

Concert in Nottingham

We are going to play a concert in Nottingham as a part of GameCity. It's a closed event so it is not possible to attend unless you're invited to one of the fancy VIP parties Saturday night. We're at MUSE :) We'll post pictures when we get back!

PPOT at Roskilde Festival 2008?

We have had some polls from time to time asking you if you wanted PPOT on Roskilde. It seems like quite a few thought that was a good idea. SO! The Roskilde Festival is requesting band suggestions for 2008. This will happen throughout October. Again in 2008 they will ask for suggestions so remember to check their page. Remember to write your favorite band's name correctly here... (Ehm, that would be PRESS PLAY ON TAPE :-))

PPOT interviewed in Berlingske Tidende

PPOT was interviewed by Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende in relation to Commodore 64's 25th birthday. The printed version was a two page spread - the online version can be found here. The initial title was "Commodore 64 25 years old" but is now changed to "Commodore 64 now as a band" :)

EuroCon 2007

We'll be playing concert at this year's EuroCon which takes place in wunderbar Copenhagen. The concert will take place Saturday night, September 22nd. Read more about EuroCon here.

Five videos added from YouTube.

University's Semester Party, sept. 14th

We have played a couple of times at the annual semester party at the University of Copenhagen. It's been a fantastic experience so we're looking forward to play there again, namely on next Friday, September 14th. more

Happy birthday!!

We have to celebrate this! The Commodore 64 has just had its 25th birthday since it was introduced August 1982. So a huge "congratulations!" is in order for the most sold computer ever. Let's hear some SID music!

Video released from Breakpoint 20007

We are happy to announce that the almost 2 hours long video from our concert at Breakpoint 2007 has been released. The guys from Breakpoint have spent all their spare time to edit this from 12 different video tracks! A huge thanks from us to the Breakpoint orgas, especially scamp, kb and ZOlo!

1.2 GB file (torrent)

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