PPOT and the rest of the C64 remixers are featured in the January edition of the British magazine "The Edge".

New tunes online

The tune Ark Pandora's Divine Trousers which was our entry forRemix64's 80's competition has been available on R:K:O for some time,but is now present on our download page aswell a brand new tune called Dezcrator. The last one was done for anew german PC game called SpaceTanks.

DHS remix in remix

DHS' Remix of PPOT's Game Boy Band song (Comic Bakery) can be heard in Putzi's C64 remix #5 (13:41-17:42).

PPOT Remixed

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE's Game Boy Band song (Comic Bakery) has been remixed by DHS. Get it at R:K:O.

Rehearsal videos online

Kenz (Jason Mackenzie) has put six videos online from our rehersal with Ben Daglish and Pascal Roggen at BIT3 live. See Ben mad as a fish!

PPOT to play at IT-C

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE will play at IT-C soon.

'Loading Ready Run' released in GUF

As from tomorrow you can buy "Loading Ready Run" in the GUF shops in Denmark. The retail price is 100 kr.

PPOT played in London on July 17th

As part of the Clerkenwell Literary Festival Chris Abbot arranged for a launch of "The 8-bit revolution" and PRESS PLAY ON TAPE was there to perform live. We had great fun although a lot of the audience hadto leave during the concert because the tube was hit by a strike (well, we choose to interpret it like this :)
We managed to record the gig on minidisc so we'll probably release it as a bootleg soon. Meanwhile you can check out the pictures.
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