Commodore 64 remix sites

  • R:K:O -- the definitive guide to C64 remixes
  • Remix64 -- Vote for your favourite C64 remix.
  • C64 Audio -- Chris Abbot's website: CDs, MP3s & live events.


Other Commodore 64 links

  • ProtoVision sells new games and hardware for the C64!
  • Visa Röster a vocal ensemble singing C64 tunes a cappella! Get their CD -- it is fantastic. The band features the well known Amiga demo maker Mahoney among others.
  • C64HQ is a great C64 fansite
  • Lemon64 -- Pure C64 nostalgia!
  • The SIDPLAY Homepage -- Listen to C64 tunes on your PC.
  • High Voltage SID Collection -- A large collection of original C64 tunes.
  • The CCS64 Emulator -- Play C64 games on your PC.
  • Arnold -- a large collection of C64 games.
  • -- a nice collection of tape images
  • Gamebase64 -- a great project trying to make a database of all C64 games and a frontend for playing the games and listening to the tunes.
  • TCWORH - "The Complete Work of Rob Hubbard" :)
  • A C64 music blog. Interesting!
  • Cache64. Site with nice gui and c64 contents.
  • C64 Art. Artist Isabella Rosendorf is painting C64 inspired art.


Other links