Added pressrelease

Press release released! There is a Danish and an english version on ourpress-page. We have sent this to a lot of Danish magazines and some foreign. Please feel free to submit this to relevant magazines and websites in your region.

Added pictures from TP2001

Finally we got hold of some pictures from the concert at The Party 2001! At the moment they are on a different (and slower) web-server due to space limits.

Added BIOS and press-pictures

Finally we got around to writing a bit about ourselves. Have a look atthe BIOS-page and see for yourself. Also we put some pictures on the press-pagefor use in publications.

Added scrapbook and press

We have started a "scrapbook" in order to remember the variousPRESS PLAY ON TAPE coverage there is on the 'net :) We also started a page for press-releases and pictures (soon to come)

Web cleanup

Cleaned our web page up a bit (namely the news and concert-page) and added a links-page.

Concert @ The Party 2001

Phew, back from The Party and finished sleeping after New Year's eve. We played our fifth public performance at The Party 2001. See our conserts page for details.

TP bus trip

hybris/NEMESIS is arranging a bus trip to The Party 2001. Head overthere to check it out.


Delta, Exploding Fist and Bionic Commando with Crazy Comet sand Deflektor as runners up. Hmmm... Are YOU really gonna settle with that?? Come on!! Please vote!! ;)
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