Studio Albums

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE has released three studio albums. Click on the logos to read more details. Go to iTunes for previews.









Monty on the Run (Live on TV)

As part of the 30th birthday of the Commodore 64, we were invited to play at TV2 "GoAften Danmark". Unfortunately they ran out of time after about 30 seconds and cut off the rest of the song, but at least here is what went on the air.






Man with the Gun

A tribute to the single strongest theme in the history of gaming: The man with the gun.

Song & music by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE.

This track is available on our album HOME COMPUTER



Cannon Fodder (LIVE on TV)

Danish TV2 "Godmorgen Danmark" heard about us, and wanted a geeky interview. Well, they got it (see details on the Cannon Fodder song further down on this page).





Retro Action

This spoof-video is sometimes used in our videoshow at concerts. It is featuring the lovely Claudia Romani.








Cannon Fodder

On November 5th 2005 at our Copenhagen Retro Event we performed the title tune from the Commodore Amiga game Cannon Fodder using game controllers to trigger the samples from the Amiga MOD version of this tune.

To pull this off we used PlayStation/GameCube/Xbox USB adapters enabling us to connect these to a PC on which we ran a Java program we had written to convert button presses into MIDI. This setup was then connected to a sampler with the original samples from the tune, except for drum, bass, and chords which we re-recorded because they were made as one sample mixed together originally.

We were so lucky to have Mr. Jon Hare who originally wrote the music (with Richard Joseph) with us on stage to perform this! This was a really fun experience and we hope you enjoy watching this geeky performance as much as we did performing it! Also notice the guest appearance by C64 legend Jeroen Tel (the guy from the audience in the black t-shirt trying out the XBox controller :)










The Secret of Monkey Island

The tune from the classic Amiga game (slightly different from the PC version, actually). This video is available on the Back in Time LIVE DVD. Recorded live at St. Luke's Church, London 2004.





Pumpkin Man



This is the part from the BIT Live 2004 DVD where we play the theme from the Commodore 64 game Cauldron II, as remixed by Søren.





Space Tanks

This cover of the tune "Dezcrator" (VARIOUS/G-L/King_Fisher/Dezcrator_PSID.sid) was used in the PC game "Space Tanks"  - a hobby project that suddenly got signed for an official release in Germany


Cauldron II


A cover of the tune from the game. We call it "Pumpkin Man" for obvious reasons...








Comic Bakery - Larger when LIVE (Boy Band Version)

The tune from the Commodore 64 game Comic Bakery written by Martin Galway. We got the idea for this tune when we asked ourselves: What tune would fit for a boy band song. After we made the song, we HAD to make a video.




Boyband Remixed by DHS


Always an honour to have your stuff remixed. We could never hit this style of music, so great stuff by DHS!


Ark Pandora

This tune was part an entry in a competition on






Out Run

Our first ever studio recording. Kept here for historical reasons :)